Sergio has been coaching our daughter Sophie for only one term, but it feels like we have been with him for years! Before we started with Sergio, our daughter was losing her passion for tennis which seemed sad considering her natural talent for it, but he was recommended through a friend and we were immediate impressed by him and his international experience. He is so warm and kind in character and coaching approach and he is technically amazing. Every lesson is fun and dynamic. Sophie loves the variety is the lesson. In the short time with Sergio, Sophie has developed in leaps and bounds but most importantly, her passion has returned with a vengeance and her lessons are the highlight of her week. Sophie has high goals and we look forward to the journey ahead with Sergio.


Nadiah and Nigel Christensen


What some happy tennis managers say about Sergio:  

"Kindly note that I had the opportunity to work with Sergio from when I arrived to Muscat in December, 2015 until when he left early Febrary, 2017. Unfortunately, Sergio had to leave us for personal reasons, but during his tenure with us, he was endeed an asset. As a tennis Pro, he performed his duties with great professionalism and expertize. He was a person who was respected and admired by all his associates, and clients. Adult students, and even children of all ages continuously commented on his positivity and ability to adapt to each and every individual he taught. (...)"

- Michael Jabbour - Hotel Manager

InterContinental Hotel Muscat

"Sergio has many distinguishing personal attributes -poise, intelligence, perseverance, stamina, empathy, integrity, kindness, to name a few- all of which contribute to his great success as a lead instructor and staff manager. As Head of Tennis, he was directly responsible for designing and implementing a tennis program, which included lessons plans for a wide variety of skills levels and ages and organizing tennis tournaments with other camps. Sergio's joy in coaching was apparent whether introducing a camper to the sport or coaching an advanced tournament team (...). If I could have a camp full of Sergios! It is hard for me to say enough good things about him. In my nearly 30 years as a camp director, he ranks among the very best of our staff."

- Diana Wallerstein - Director

Camp Scatico, New York, USA

"Peter Burwash International (PBI) is a tennis management company that contracts with first class resorts and clubs to direct their tennis programs with highly-qualified, trained tennis professionals. Sergio proved himself to be efficient, reliable, independent, appreciative and enterprising, which are all vital qualities that lead to his success. In addition, he also demonstrated high standards of communication. In my capacity as PBI's Regional Manager for Europe and Middle East, I had the pleasure to overseeing Sergio's performance and I am confident that he will be a major asset for positions and companies that value the above qualities."

- Philippe Azar

PBI Tennis - Europe and Middle East